5 More Motivational Videos to Help You Succeed Today

5 More Motivational Videos to Help You Succeed Today


Motivational videos can be a great, free tool to get you pumped up and ready for action. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the guidance and motivation provided by mentors, leaders and others who have gone before you. Thanks to the Internet you don’t need to pay to listen and be taught by the greatest masters of motivation.

Here are five more motivational videos that will help you succeed today and the rest of your life.

1. Prove Them Wrong

This is a great compilation video featuring excerpts from top motivational speakers and businesspeople such as Tony Robins, Les Brown and Jim Rohn. If you’ve ever been told you can’t, or that you’re crazy -- then this is the video for you.

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Listen along to stories of others who have struggled and overcome all odds to succeed. All the great leaders of our time have been told by someone, at some point in their journeys, that they weren’t cut out for their dreams, but they did it anyway. Don’t let others dissuade you -- prove them wrong!

2. Deserve More

This video starts out with speaker Rafael Eliassen asking you what the difference is between someone who wins in life and someone who loses. The video explores the idea that life responds to what we think we deserve, not necessarily what we want.

The whole premise to this motivational video is to want more for yourself and to want it so badly you know you deserve it, to fight for what you have and to work for what you deserve until you achieve it. It’s about perseverance and passion to get the life of your dreams.

3. You Can Live Your Dream

Watch and listen to this six-minute compilation put together by Video Inspiration and get pumped. Les Brown, Eric Thomas and actor Will Smith explain the qualities it takes and the motivation you need to live your dreams. It is possible and you can do it. You just have to be willing to fight for it and never give up. Watching this video can help reinvigorate you to keep going for that big dream!

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4. The Big Life Lessons

This video isn’t a compilation but rather an excerpt from a speech Steve Jobs gave about the biggest life lessons. Jobs talks about the news he got from his doctors when he was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Faced with death, he shares the ways that death makes life so much more important, urgent and incredible.

It’s an inspiring talk from a man who made an enduring legacy and will remind you to live now because death is the one thing we all share and experience at some point.

5. Where Do Good Ideas Come From?

This is a great, fast-paced video from bestselling author Steven Johnson trying to get at the root of the question of where good ideas actually come from. Johnson points out that we all want good ideas and have the desire to be more creative, so why don’t we have more good ideas and why are some individuals so good at prolifically cranking out great ideas?

Watch the video for some great motivation and insightful looks into idea generation. As Johnson points out in his conclusion, “With today's tools and environment, radical innovation is extraordinarily accessible to those who know how to cultivate it.”  

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5 More Motivational Videos to Help You Succeed Today
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