10 Comedy Podcasts Guaranteed to Make You Laugh Out Loud

10 Comedy Podcasts Guaranteed to Make You Laugh Out Loud



Although some say radio is a dying art, listening to the spoken word continues to be a form of entertainment thanks to the world of podcasting.

The best thing about podcasts: you can take them with you wherever you go, regardless of phone reception or mobile data availability. Just use a podcasting app like Stitcher or Pocket CastsHow to Manage Your Podcast Collection Using Pocket CastsHow to Manage Your Podcast Collection Using Pocket CastsPodcasts are growing in popularity. The problem is your collection of podcasts is probably getting a little out of hand. In this article we explain how to manage your podcast collection using Pocket Casts.Read More to download your favorite shows and listen to them anywhere.

Comedy podcasts can be extremely entertaining. Whether you’re driving into work, cleaning your apartment, or just looking for a way to kill time, these comedy podcasts are sure to have you laughing out loud.

1. Comedy Bang Bang

podcast comedy bang bang

Hosted by Scott Aukerman of IFC’s Mr. Show, Comedy Bang Bang starts each weekly episode with interviews featuring entertainers and other comedians. After the interview portion, however, all bets are off. The podcast is known to take a variety of twists and turns, whether it’s improv comedy, music, games, or just general wackiness.

Well-known names that have appeared on the show recently include Al Madrigal, Haley Joel Osment, Kumail Nanjiani, and Jane Lynch.


Listen to it on — SoundCloud | EarWolf | Howl.fm | Stitcher

2. SModcast

podcast smodcast

If you’re a fan of Kevin Smith’s movies, or any of the TV series he appears on, then you need to check out his weekly podcast, SModcast.

Smith hosts alongside his producing partner Scott Mosier, and the two give their comedic takes on a wide range of topics. SModcast has been around for a while. In fact, it recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

There are plenty of episodes to listen to, over 300 and counting. If you make it through all the episodes of SModcast, be sure to check out some of the other shows on the SModcast Podcast Network.

Listen to it on — SoundCloudiTunes | Stitcher

3. Ricky Gervais’ Podcasts

podcasts ricky gervais

There are a number of podcasts available from Ricky Gervais, but one of the most popular is The Ricky Gervais Show, which began on the radio in the U.K. and subsequently spawned a podcast and a TV show. The podcast features Gervais and his crony Stephen Merchant, but the real star is producer (and bald-headed Mancunian) Karl Pilkington.

The co-hosts originally thought Pilkington would be nothing more than a button-pusher, but as they learned more about him the show began to focus on his wild stories and unconventional — to say the least — childhood.

Listen to it on — The Ricky Gervais Show | iTunes | Archive

4. The Mortified Podcast

the mortified podcast

Everybody has awkward and embarrassing stories11 True Story Podcasts That Make Your Life Look Dull11 True Story Podcasts That Make Your Life Look DullThese days there are podcasts about every subject under the sun. But the 11 podcasts listed here focus on true stories that are likely to make your own life look dull by comparison.Read More from their childhood, and, in most cases, these stories never see the light of day. But that’s not the case with The Mortified Podcast. The podcast is all about embracing the sometimes-humiliating portions of life through artifacts such as home movies, journal entries, poems, song lyrics, and letters.

A number of celebrities have appeared on the show, including Alanis Morissette, Alison Brie, and Elijah Wood. It has also been honored as one of the best podcasts around by iTunes, The Guardian, and The Atlantic in recent years.

Listen to it on — SoundCloud | iTunes | Stitcher

5. 2 Dope Queens

2 dope queens podcast

Produced by WNYC Studios, 2 Dope Queens stars The Daily Show‘s Jessica Williams and Broad City‘s Phoebe Robinson and focuses on people with varied backgrounds. Common guests include LGBTQ comedians, comedians of color, and female comedians, all discussing topics such as sex, sleepover accidents, living in New York, race, hair, and even Billy Joel.

New episodes are available every Tuesday.

Listen to it on — NPR | WNYC | Stitcher

6. With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus

lauren lapkus podcast

As the name indicates, With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus stars actress and comedian Lauren Lapkus. However, each week her guest acts as the host while she appears as the guest. The key is that Lapkus doesn’t appear as herself. Rather, she acts as an original character she doesn’t know the existence of until the guest host has announced her.

Each episode ends with the “Help Me Rhonda” segment, in which a recurring persona of Lapkus, Traci Reardon, delivers guidance to her followers on Twitter.

Listen to it on — SoundCloud | iTunes | EarWolf | Stitcher

7. After Birth

after birth podcast

The After Birth podcast is all about how life changes rapidly after you become parents. The show stars Matt Dwyer, a writer and comedian, and his wife, Kelly Dwyer, a longtime photographer, as they tell stories about the somewhat reckless lives they led before kids and how that has all changed.

It’s certainly a must-listen for parents, but even non-parents will find themselves laughing at the stories the Dwyers deliver.

Listen to it on — Feral Audio | Radiolab | Stitcher

8. No Such Thing as a Fish

podcast no such thing as a fish

If you’ve ever seen the British panel game show QI, you’ll want to give the No Such Thing as a Fish podcast a listen. In each episode of the podcast, a QI researcher presents a favorite fact that they stumbled upon during the week.

The show often features hosts James Harkin, Dan Schreiber, Andrew Hunter Murray, and Anna Ptaszynski, while other QI researchers and guest hosts also appear at times.

Listen to it on — iTunes | AudioBoom | SoundCloud | Stitcher

9. Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave

podcast tell em steve dave

From Kevin Smith’s SModcast Podcast Network, Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave is hosted by Smith’s friends and longtime collaborators Bryan Johnson, Walt Flanagan, and Brian Quinn. The podcast, which has over 300 episodes and counting, eventually spawned AMC reality series Comic Book Men. Meanwhile, Brian “Q” Quinn is one of the Impractical Jokers.

The podcast simply describes itself as “Two Comic Book Men and an Impractical Joker. Uncensored.” If you like Comic Book Men or Impractical Jokers, this podcast is made for you.

Listen to it on — iTunes | SoundCloud | SModcast | Stitcher

10. The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast

podcast the comedian's comedian

If you’re interested in the craft of being a standup comedian, The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith is well worth checking out. In each episode, the English actor and standup comedian interviews other comics about the process of writing and performing their material.

The podcast is interesting because, while the routes are often similar, each individual has particular quirks and methods that help define their personal process. The show is also unique in that you never know where it will be recorded. Some episodes have been recorded in front of live audiences, while others were recorded in comedians’ homes or even their cars.

Listen to it on — SoundCloud | PodBean | British Comedy Guide | Stitcher

What Podcasts Make You Laugh?

These are 10 of the funniest podcasts available online right now. If you have a good sense of humor they’re all guaranteed to make you laugh. And if you haven’t got a good sense of humor? Well, perhaps these addictive story podcasts10 Addictive Podcasts Telling Stories You Need to Hear10 Addictive Podcasts Telling Stories You Need to HearWe have hand-picked a selection of story podcasts for your listening pleasure that will help you experience some of the most innovative and addictive storytelling happening today.Read More will be more to your liking.

Which of the podcasts listed above do you listen to at the moment? Will you be checking out any others we have recommended? Are there any comedy podcasts you feel we mistakenly missed off this list? Please let us know your thoughts and feelings in the comments below.

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